Project Three

News Site

Project three has been my favorite project in this class so far. I really enjoyed learning how to use wordpress on a deeper level. On my news site, you’ll find an array of my own articles. I felt very proud of myself that I was able to fill up a news site with my own work. While working on my site, I learned about plugins, how to customize my theme, and discovered the amount of different things wordpress allows you to do on a website. One thing that I could still work is customizing this wordpress theme even more. One thing I am proud of it the over all style of my website. I added ads from my commerce website to make this site look and feel like a news website. I also added some additional css with colors and one small animation element on the header. The most challenging thing about this project was learning how wordpress works. Once I figured how to post content where I wanted it and figured out widgets, the rest of the website design was a breeze.

Commerce Site

I enjoyed creating this commerce website. It was the first time where I felt like I let my design skills shine through. I am selling sunglasses and earrings, all of which are named after important people in my life. I added a lot of additional css on to this website. I changed font sizes, and colors of different aspects. However, the one element that I am the proudest of is the rainbow gradient that I added onto the header background. This addition took a lot of trial and error, but in the end I figured it out! Woo commerce was a little challenging to learn. The main issue I had was with the categories not showing up when I would try to add them to my menu. I ended up making two categories as posts and adding the product post with widgets. I am sure there is another way to do this, so I look forward to learning even more about WordPress.