Project Two

Panel One

I learned many new skills while completing panel one. The use of the bootstrap elements made it easy to accomplish the overall style of my website. I enjoyed using the radio buttons and playing with colors. When I found the marvel books photo, I knew I wanted to make it the entire background of my site. This background took a lot of trial and error. I looked up countless ways to place a background image and finally discovered how to make it work. I was proud of this achievement. The main struggle I faced was making my bootstrap grid look uniform and cohesive. I fixed this by editing my photos to be all the same size in photoshop. I would like to work more on troubleshooting. There were certain times that I became stuck on an issue and did not know how to fix it.

Panel Two

Panel Two was my least favorite panel to do during project two. I did not like that I had limited stylistic options. I was not happy with how the final product looked. I did, however, gain the skill of searching for bootstrap themes. I enjoyed browsing through the multiple templates to find one that I liked. My main struggle was the responsiveness of this page. I could not quite figure out how to fix my images so they would not stack when my screen was at a certain dimension. I would like to work more on this in the future and figure out easier ways to solve this issue.

Panel Three

I am happy with my final panel three product. I felt freer since I was allowed to change the CSS. I had fun working with different fonts and colors on the same template that I had from panel two. In this panel, I was able to combine the style I had from panel one with the organization of the template from panel two. One thing I am proud of is the animated fireworks that I added. I found a website that taught me how to place these fireworks and I was satisfied with how they turned out. I had the same struggle that was occurring in panel two. My images would do odd things when the window size was changed. I tried editing the photos in photoshop to make them all the same size, however, the stacking images was still an issue.