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Project One

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Project One brought me many new skills and many challenges. While working on this project, I not only learned how to read and understand code, but also how to organize my computer files in a more efficient way. Even though that was not the main lesson of unit one, it was still a major takeaway for me. One thing I did struggle with was consolidating my css classes. I tried my best to have as few style classes as possible, however when I would attempt to combine classes, the content would lose their style all together.

I am pleased with my attention to colors and details in this project. I tried to pick complementing colors that corresponded to my topic and the photos. One thing I am very proud of is my recipe page. I looked up how to add a print button where users will be able to print the recipe off. I also spent time adding my ordered and unordered list. In the future, I hope to experiment more with stylistic details like animations and a variety of hex colors. I look forward to having the tools to create more complex and interactive websites.