New Media Production

Before this class, I had zero interest in learning how to code, but quickly this course turned into one of my favorite classes at UGA. Not only did I learn a numerous amount of new skills in HTML, CSS, Bootstrap, and WordPress, but I also developed an an obsession over maintaining my online portfolio.

While I was nervous coming into this class, it helped me find a new interest in designing and creating websites. I am proud of the skillset that I gained throughout the semester. It still impresses me to think back to the beginning of the semester when I have no coding experience to now where I feel confident in creating a web product.

I am most proud of the online portfolio that I have developed for myself. This website showcases my proudest works and also shows the web design skills that I have learned in this course. All of the projects that I completed in this class never felt like homework and I always looked forward to researching new ways to make my website modern and sophisticated.